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My Experience as a Clinician Serving with Wellspring

Michele Corgiat, MFT

When I started my private practice in the Modesto area, I found my work to be pretty isolating.  In my search for networking opportunities, I found Wellspring Counseling Ministries and was soon networking with other like-minded Christian counselors from throughout the greater Stanislaus County area.  Over time, I became a part of the Wellspring Counseling Ministries leadership team and found it a blessing and time of immense growth both professionally and spiritually.

During my tenure at Wellspring Counseling Ministry, I was encouraged by the leadership group to take the gifts, talents and vision that God had given me and turn them into realities.  Under the auspices of Wellspring, I coordinated several city wide psycho-educational conferences for church leadership, developed a series of day retreats for women dealing with identity issues, and continued chairing networking luncheons.  I took on a larger leadership role in coordinating the internship program through Wellspring Counseling Ministries and found the role of nurturing and growing newer therapists to be a joy.

The most rewarding aspect of my Wellspring Counseling Ministries, however, was the spiritual encouragement and growth I received. Wellspring’s focus was not only counseling but also the soul for not only the leadership but also our staff and interns.  Cindi J. Martin, Wellspring’s founder and Director,  focused on God’s direction for the ministry and us as individuals. We spent regular time in prayer, the word, and study during our meetings and spiritual retreats were a challenging and engaging time for each member of the team to explore what God had for us.

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