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About Us

What is Wellspring Counseling Ministries?

Wellspring Counseling Ministries is a small, grassroots organization dedicated to meeting the counseling needs of individuals, families, churches and communities within our sphere of influence. Our ministry links people together with Christian counseling resources and referral information. We also develop projects and provide grants, loans, and scholarships that enhance the spiritual, emotional, social, economic and physical well-being of those to whom we minister.

Why was Wellspring Counseling Ministries founded?

Wellspring was founded as a result of the numerous calls that our founder and director received every day in her private practice asking her about available and affordable Christian counseling resources. As a result, she invited several of her colleagues in the local area to become part of an informal network of Christian counselors and produced a small directory for distribution.   In 2004, a generous donor provided funds allowing us to incorporate as a non-profit organization. In addition, that gift has allowed us to develop a small scholarship and loan program for at risk families.

Who founded Wellspring Counseling Ministries?

Wellspring was founded by Cindi J. Martin, LCSW, currently in private practice in Oakdale, California. She dedicated her life to Christ when she was 15 years old and God used Isaiah 58 and Isaiah 61 to launch her into the fields of psychology and social work. Over the last 33 years, Cindi has been burdened for those without the resources to afford professional Christian counseling services.  She has volunteered in the churches she has attended, served with her husband overseas as a missionary, and has worked for organizations like Catholic Charities, Urban Care Ministries, and various county mental health agencies in order to help meet that need for professional counseling.

How many people has your organization helped?

Wellspring Counseling Ministries is a small, grassroots organization run primarily by three to four volunteers and two part-time staff as an outreach to local or international people known by our volunteers. It is a vehicle to help those in need access relationships and resources with minimal bureaucracy and organizational red tape. We are not equipped nor is it our goal to track the number of calls we receive or the number of people we touch at this time. We do have testimonials on file from those who have benefited from our loan and scholarship funds over the years. If you would like more information, please contact us.

How many loans, grants or scholarships do you provide each year?  

Loans, grants and scholarships are provided as funds and mentors are available.We usually provide several grants per year. In some cases, we do continue to support one recipient over a number of years due to the severity of the need. Our scholarship recipients meet weekly for spiritual, emotional and/or financial care for the life of the loan, grant or scholarship. They also frequently volunteer a few hours a week, investing and serving others as part of our team. We believe it is this kind of intense discipleship process that develops the personal and interpersonal skills necessary for long-term whole health and well-being.

What does Equine Assisted Counseling have to do with Wellspring Counseling Ministries?

Wellspring develops small projects to meet the counseling needs of at-risk children, adults and families. Several of our volunteers have horses and wanted to make them available to serve the needs of at-risk youth. A special fund was designated to reach out to youth and families through Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Services. Although our director is in private practice and provides Equine Assisted Counseling, this is financially and completely separate from the Unbridled Hope Equine Assisted Counseling Project.

Why do you send out fund appeals and have fundraisers?

Fund appeal letters and fundraisers allow us to communicate with and invite our friends and the community to join us in the mission of Wellspring.

Does Wellspring have a board of directors?

Wellspring Counseling Ministries is project of United Charitable Programs – a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. Our board of directors and all financial accountability can be accessed through contacting United Charitable Programs.

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