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It is important to distinguish the Wellspring Counseling Center from our Fellowship of Christian Counselors.  The Wellspring Counseling Center is dedicated to providing quality, affordable and accessible faith based counseling services in the Modesto and Oakdale areas.  Our blend of licensed therapists and counselors in training allow us to provide our community with reduced rates making professional counseling services more affordable.  We accept some insurance companies and  payment through the Victim Compensation Fund. Our services are funded solely through donations and the counseling fees paid by our clients and client contracts in the community.

Our “in-house” therapists and counselors in training are not to be confused with our network of lay, pastoral, and professional counselors who make up our Wellspring Fellowship of Christian Counselors on our community network list.  Not all counseling needs can be met by our center counselors and we are pleased to have a wonderful referral.  You will notice that our center counselors are also members of the WFCC.

Wellspring Counseling Center

Cindi J. Martin, LCSW (Founder, Director and Oakdale Therapist)

Lynette Stime, LCSW (Contracted Modesto Therapist)

Megan Kubicek, MFT (Contracted Modesto Therapist)

Ronda May Melendez, (Contracted Oakdale Life Coach and Educator)

Don Paulsen, LMFT (Contracted Supervising Therapist)

Deborah McCutcheon, LCSW (Contracted Supervising Therapist)

Rebecca McMahon, LCSW (Contracted Supervising Therapist)


Wellspring Fellowship of Christian Counselors (WFCC), which is an outside community resource and referral network of Christian lay counselors, recovery groups, pastoral and professional counselors.


Although we do have a signed Statement of Faith on file for each of these counselors, this list is not an endorsement by Wellspring Counseling Ministries (WCM) of the counselor’s relationship with Christ or their ability to integrate biblical truth with counseling theory and practice.  Unless otherwise noted, the counselors are not employed by WCM. It is the responsibility of the individual contacting the counselor to ask questions related to their own personal needs and concerns.

Wellspring Fellowship of Christian Counselors - Members or Alumni

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For a printable list of all our counselors and their information,

please click the PDF here:  WFCC Referral List Updated May 2022




Sarah Andrews, MFT

Louise Barnick, MFT

 Michele Corgiat, MFT


Jolene Daly, LMFT

Diane Dormeier, MFT

Wess Ferguson, MFT

James O. Henman, PhD

Caroline Howard, Coach

Michael Klemin, MFT

Sandra Maness, LPCC Associate

Rebecca McMahon, LCSW

Elizabeth Netjes, AMFT

Christopher Oneth, MFT

Scott Stubbert, Pastoral Counselor

Sylvia Victor, MFT

 Marty Villa, MA, MFT


Kimberly N. Johnson-Dickson, PsyD

Cindi J. Martin, LCSW

Ronda May Melendez, Life Coach

Don Paulsen, MFT



Marietta Huizenga, Pastoral Counselor




Tara Dyson, MFT

Deborah McCutcheon, LCSW 


Julie Powers, LPCC